Waiting List and Deposit Policy  

Factors Affecting the Waiting List

We receive numerous requests on the size of our waiting list, or the approximate time it may take for a client to receive a puppy from us. The size of the list is not always a factor in the selection process. Clients may pass on a puppy that is exactly what another client desires. Because of this, we cannot predict when a puppy will be available.

To put this in a little better perspective, we have had as many as 43 clients on the waiting list. Part of the reason for the length of the list was due to breeding problems. This particular list was the results of our losing some of our breeding stock, but clients kept putting in the deposits. When we finally got our problem worked out and began producing puppies again, it was thought that the puppies would be selected by the first few waiting. We were wrong. Many of the clients passed on the puppies and the client that was number 22 selected a puppy. Why did so many pass? The reasons are endless.

Here are a few:

  • "We're not ready for a puppy at this time."
  • "We are moving into a new home and will not have time for a puppy."
  • "We like the puppies, but it's not what we're looking for."
  • "We really want a puppy with different colored eyes."
  • "Great puppies, but the one we like is not the right sex."
  • "We're pregnant now, and don't think we should get a puppy at this time."
  • "We haven't had time to put up a fence."
  • "I've changed jobs and will not have time for a puppy."
  • "We have older dogs and are waiting for the natural attrition before acquiring a puppy."
  • "We will be traveling this year and will have to wait on a puppy."
  • "We will wait for a pup with two different colored eyes."

All of these are valid reasons and must be accepted. I cannot force anyone to take a puppy that they will not be happy with, and I cannot predict what anyone will do at selection time.

Even when the list was only 20 clients waiting, the client that was number 20 received the puppy he wanted. In a more recent litter, a puppy was refused by 23 clients. When the puppy was offered to the public, I was asked why the puppy wasn't chosen. I would explain the reasons, and some of those potential clients would walk away because 23 others refused the puppy. When a client came and looked at the puppy, they couldn't believe so many had passed, but the puppy was what they wanted. -------And------The breeding plans were set in motion---again.

Breeding plans are just that; plans! We do the planning, but the bitch makes the decision. We plan the heat cycle event, but the bitch will always make us wait. Then, when the breeding takes place, it's a waiting period to see if the breeding was successful. Just because two dogs bred is no guarantee that the breeding was successful. After waiting 30 days, we can determine if the breeding is successful. It takes 63 days from breeding to whelping. Then it takes another 4 weeks of observation and testing puppies at critical stages to ensure hearing, sight, and health. When we feel the pups are within the guidelines of progression, we offer them to our clients.

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