Breeding Policy Outline


I. Breed for the Complete Dog

    1. Temperament – Intelligence – Conformation – Working Ability.
      Equal portions of all assets.
    2. Develop an evaluation method to screen dogs for these traits.

II. Essential Traits

  • Conformation
    1. Bone structure within the accepted breed standards.
    2. Well-built heads with preference towards broad, flat top skull, and muzzle narrowing to the nose. No short, blocky heads similar to a Pitbull Terrier, or long, narrow heads similar to a Greyhound.
    3. Well angulated rear legs, muscled, and athletic.
    4. Well balanced and proportioned overall(i.e. distance between foreleg and back leg/stifle should be approximately the length of the foreleg, giving a well defined torso for the dog's size without being too short or too long in the torso area).
    5. Bob-Tailed dogs will not be considered a fault for the purpose of breeding.
  • Working Ability
    1. Dogs' bloodlines must have proven themselves to be Working, Hunting, Tracking, SAR, Arson, and/or Narcotics dogs. Championships are not required, but dogs must display consistent performance in the field or in the ring. SAR, Arson, and Narcotics Certification shall constitute acceptance.
    2. Young dogs must show interest and/or prey drive to be considered for the breeding program. Older dogs that have not been Field or Ring Certified may be considered, but must exhibit a high "prey drive."
  • Temperament
    1. Stable, consistent, predictable personalities only will be bred. Pack order behavior will be taken into account when making the evaluations.
    2. Dogs must be fearless, gritty, and posses a "no quit" attitude without showing any signs of aggressive behavior.
    3. Unstable or Questionable Temperaments will not be bred. Overly nervous, submissive aggressive, or dominate aggressive dogs will not be utilized.
  • Intelligence
    1. Dogs should be observant, attentive, and capable of problem solving.
    2. Only dogs with a bright, intelligent look in the eyes, displaying confidence, shall be utilized. Blank stares and sunken eyes shall not be considered.
  • Health Issues
    1. Healthy dogs with clear eyes and bi-lateral hearing are required by all breeding stock.
    2. Questionable eyes or hearing shall be tested by a qualified veterinarian and/or have a CERF and/or BAER test completed prior to breeding.
    3. Strive to improve hips without losing any positive qualities.
    4. No history of chronic illness and/or infections should be present.
    5. Brucellosis Test must be performed on both Male and Female prior to breeding.
    6. Review health of bloodlines to a minimum of three (3) generations, and if possible, to the sixth (6th) generation, including littermates and litters produced.
  • Color Selection
    1. Review colors within the bloodlines to a minimum of three (3) generations, and if possible, to the sixth (6th) generation, including littermates and litters produced.
    2. Proven Solid Colors and tested "clear" healthy Double Merles will NOT be excluded from breeding program. Proven Solids will preferably be bred to Patchwork, White, or "clear" Double Merle.
    3. Color records for three generations preferred in aiding with picking a breeding pair or studding out a male.
    4. Defective puppies shall be destroyed in a humane manner acceptable to the laws of Louisiana. Veterinary euthanasia procedures shall be followed.
  • Show Requirements
    1. Conformation – Championship is not required but dog must place consistently after one year of age. Dogs not placing consistently shall undergo evaluation to determine whether dog may be bred with partner excelling in the dog's weaknesses.
    2. Working – Championship is not required but dog must be consistent in Field Trials, Hunting, Tracking, or Farm Use.
    3. Consideration shall be given to those dogs that demonstrate working ability, high prey drive, or other inherited characteristics.

III. Traits NOT Allowed

    1. Viciousness, people or dog aggression, or unstable personality of any type is intolerable, and will NOT be bred.
    2. Major Breed faults such as malformed jaw, malformed eyes or pupils, monorchid, cryptorchid, long fuzzy coats, uni-lateral, or bi-lateral deafness will NOT be considered as breeding stock. Any puppy having these faults shall be labeled as Pet Quality Only on all paperwork, and shall require a Spay/Neuter Agreement from New Owner.
    3. An OFA Rating of Severe will NOT be bred.
    4. Extremely oversized or undersized dogs will NOT be in the breeding program. The ideal size is 50-75 pounds.

IV. Program Details

  • Line Breeding and In-Breeding
    1. We will line breed our best foundation breeding stock to preserve desirable traits and instinct provided, they meet all breeding requirements.
    2. Heavily line or in-bred dogs will have a suitable out-cross for two generations prior to being brought back into the line.
    3. Out-crossing should be considered for every third generation.
  • Color
    1. Breeding Dark Merle to Medium or Light Merle is acceptable when background research provides positive indications of both health and color combinations.
    2. Dark Merle or Proven Solid shall be used on Lighter Solid or White Patchwork.
    3. Proven Solid shall be used on "clear" Double Merle.
    4. Strive for well-balanced merle (leopard) colored dogs.
    5. Color photo record of all litters shall be kept.
  • Hips
    1. OFA Severe rating shall not be bred.
    2. OFA Good and Excellent may be bred to each other:
    3. Fair, Borderline, Mild, or Moderate must be bred upward to a better dog in accordance with the AVMA Hip Study. Borderline shall be considered as being Mild, and bred accordingly. Such may be used when the dog posses attributes which will contribute significantly to the breeding.
  • Hearing
    1. Any dog with questionable hearing, regardless of color, will be BAER tested prior to breeding.
    2. Known uni-lateral or bi-lateral dogs will not be bred.
    3. Acquired deafness that was due to injury, illness, or age will be considered as "hearing," and will remain in the breeding program.
  • Eyes
    1. Eyes shall be clear of any disease or chronic disorder.
    2. Eyes and Pupils shall be concentric, and free of any malformations.
    3. Any suspected eye problems shall be tested by a qualified veterinarian and/or CERF test.
  • Health Guarantee
    1. All dogs and puppies are guaranteed current on all vaccinations and worming, and are clear of any contagious disease.
    2. All dogs and puppies are guaranteed to be of sound temperament.
    3. New owners shall have 15 days in which to have their dog/puppy examined by their veterinarian. Any shots due during that time frame shall be provided by the new owner.
    4. Clients have a One Year Guarantee against inherited deficiencies such as deafness, blindness and/or sterility. Claims of deficiencies must be accompanied with a veterinarian evaluation and any preliminary x-rays. Our veterinary team will review and evaluate the claim. If a deficiency is proven, the new owner will have the option of a replacement puppy, or a refund of the purchase price of the dog, minus their $100 deposit, which will be utilized for our team's evaluation cost. Travel and/or Transportation expenses will NOT be covered. We reserve the right to choose the replacement puppy or refund the original purchase price.
    5. Owners wishing to take or keep a dog/puppy that has a known defect, shall agree to spay/neuter the animal. (See Spay/Neuter Agreement)
  • Spay/Neuter Agreement
    1. If a dog from our kennel is sold on a spay/neuter agreement, either verbal or written, the new owners will be responsible for having the procedure completed. We will not issue any Registration Papers until after we have been provided with documentation that the procedure was completed, and a waiver signed which releases Abney Catahoulas of any further obligations. Any medical complications or added expense incurred during or after surgery will be the responsibility of the new owner. In the event said dog dies from surgery, or new owners change their mind on the purchase after the surgery is performed, there shall be no refund. A replacement pup of equal value may be provided. If the replacement pup is of a higher value, the owner agrees to pay the difference in cost.
  • Deposit(s) and List(s)
    1. Non-Refundable Deposit of $100.
    2. Deposits will be placed in the "kennel account" and a receipt will be sent to the depositor.
    3. Deposits on future litters will be held for one (1) year. If, through no fault of Abney Catahoulas, a puppy has not been chosen during this time period, the depositor shall be removed from the waiting list and placed on the cancel list.
    4. Puppies will be chosen in the order that deposits are received.
    5. Abney Catahoulas reserves the right of "First Pick" on all litters.


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