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Our line of Catahoulas has been developed over the years by beginning with a sound foundation. Our foundation stock lines were Traxler, Blair, Aden, and Balentine. We have introduced other lines into our program and chosen those dogs very carefully. We were determined to prove that a Catahoula could be a smart, strong, working dog with a good temperament. Through our studies and breeding program we have produced puppies that possess these qualities.

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Jetta's Gumbeaux
Male - DOB 1/20/12
Sire: GRCHH Abney's Blue Gunner
Dam: GRCCH TumblinRun's Tucson's Keepsake

Abney's Kachina
Female - DOB 9/21/14
Sire: Jetta's Gumbeaux
Dam: CCH Abney's Catori

Aden's Chilinoba
Female - DOB 10/23/12
Sire: Aden's Gabby Hayes
Dam: Mark's Coco Larouge

Abney's Dixie
Female - DOB 1/8/16

Abney's Cherokee
Male - DOB 01/18/14
Sire: CCH Abney's Jebediah
Dam: R. Diamond's Nina

Abney's Yahto
Male - DOB 12/22/14
Sire: Jetta's Gumbeaux
Dam: Dumar's Twilight

Abney's Paloma
Female - DOB 02/12/17
Sire: Double Ott's Shiloh
Dam: Abney's Lusa

Double Ott's Cinnamon
Female - DOB 06/06/17
Sire: Double Ott's Raptor
Dam: Double Ott's Daisy

In Loving Rememberance
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