Catahoula Puppies - Planned Breeding  

All Abney Catahoula dogs, puppies, and litters are dual registered with the United Kennel Club (UKC), and the National Association of Louisiana Catahoulas (NALC). We strive to acheive excellence in temperament and performance. Our dogs will perform the job you want them to do. Please review our Breeding Policy

The following lists are displayed for information on current litters, expected litters, and planned breedings. These lists are not meant as a guarantee of breeding, or the acquisition of a puppy. Breedings are not always successful, and changes are sometimes made to a planned breeding.

If you are interested in obtaining an Abney Catahoula, please READ the information and procedures provided for you on this link

Waiting List Information and Procedures

» Current Litters

OWNERS have the right of choice on all litters, including the entire litter, followed by our waiting list of clients.

» Planned Breeding

This is a Planned Breeding Schedule ONLY. All dogs may not be bred.
Breedings are dependent on Health, Number of Non-Placed Puppies, and Waiting List.

» Dogs For Sale

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