Our Champion Catahoulas  

Over the years, Abney Catahoulas has put a great amount of emphasis on studying the bloodlines of the dogs we use in our breeding program. We do not choose a breeding candidate simply because it has "glass eyes" or a "flashy coat." Our choices are made by studying the litters from which the candidates came, the parents and their littermates and the grandparents and their littermates. This results in checking the background of 80 to 120 dogs for conformation, health, temperament, and ability. By understanding what has been produced by a particular line of dogs, we are better able to determine which dogs to breed, and the resultant litters.

Using this study program in conjunction with Catahoula genetics, it has given us the opportunity to produce dogs that are capable of performing most hunting and working tasks, while holding the standard of conformation. The terms "hunting" and "working" are used here to indicate any facet of hunt or work. Our dogs have been used to hunt hogs, deer, moose, bear, coyote, mountain lion, squirrel, raccoon, ducks, quail, and to blood trail wounded game. They are being used to herd cattle, horses, and pigs. They are used by law enforcement for guard, protection, narcotics, and arson. Last, and certainly not least, our dogs excel in every aspect of Search and Rescue, including tracking, article searches, building searches, disaster searches, drowning and cadaver recovery. Although, not all of our dogs have attained a title, we have been able to produce working dogs with limited health problems, while maintaining the look of the Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog.

These are some of the Champions from our line of dogs.

CH. Abney's Jebediah
CH. Abney's Tatanka x CH. Abney's Greyhawke

CH. Abney's Catori
GRCH. Double Ott's Raptor x Brewster's Winona

CH. Abney's Kaya
GRCH. Abney's King Augustus x Abney's Belle

GRCH. Abney's Yankee Buck
GRCH. Stones Throw's Reagan x Abney's Sedona

CH. Abney's Tatanka
CH. Double Ott's Nuttin x CH. Abney's Creole Gypsy

CH Jesse
Abney's Bandit x S∓ampL's Ginger
Grand Parents = Ch King's Pretty Boy x Ch Abney's Ladyhawke

CH. Abney's Blue Bear
Balentine's Shadow x Abney's Misty Blue

CH Abney's Ladyhawk
CH Mandeville's Navajo Joe x Blair's Opal

CH Abney's Greyfeather
CH Abney's Blue Bear x Abigail

CH Abney's Miss Caddo
Blair's Sampson x Moses' Dawn Mist

CH Abney's Cisco
CH Abney's Smokey x CH Pavlick's Falaya

CH Abney's Little Lady
GRCH Abney's King Augustus x CH Abney's Greyhawke

GRCH Abney's King Augustus
Jesse x CH Abney's Greyfeather

CH Abney's Creole Gypsy
Jesse x Budding's Boo Coup

CH Abney's Tabasco
Blair's Sampson x Aden's Honey Bunch

CH Abney's Viper
CH Abney's Blue Bear x GRCH Cuevas' Hashi

CH Abney's Greyhawke
CH Abney's Cisco x Abney's Aurora

CH Abney's Guardian Spirit
Jesse x Budding's Boo Coup

CH Abney's Cimarron
CH Abney's Viper x CH Pavilick's Falaya

GRCH Abney's Blue Gunner
CH Abney's Blue Bear X GRCH Cuevas' Hashi

CH Double Ott's Nuttin'
GRCH Abney's King Augustus x CH Sweitzer's Roux

CH Dumar's Twilight
CH Abney's Blue Bear x Luka

CH Jetta's Gunner Seeker
GRCH Abney's Blue Gunner x Abney's Blue Show Me

CH Stones Throw's Tala
Stones Throw's Colby G x Abney's Lady Gray

GRCH Jetta's Indigo Blue
Sunflower's Tucson x Abney's Blue Desota

CH Jetta's CooVara-G
GRCH Abney's Blue Gunner x CH Jetta's Gunner-Seeker

GRCH Cuevas' Hashi
Budding's Bullet x Cuevas' Angel
Grand Sire = Blair's Sampson (Abney Breeding)

CH Jetta's I-Gotcha-G
GRCH Abney's Blue Gunner x CH Jetta's Gunner-Seeker
Grand Parents = Ch. Abney's Blue Bear x GrCh Cuevas' Hashi
GreatGrand Dam = Ch. Abney's Ladyhawke

CH Jetta's Jedadiah-G
GRCH Abney's Blue Gunner x CH Jetta's Gunner-Seeker
Grand Parents = Ch Abney's Blue Bear x GrCh Cuevas' Hashi
Grand Parents = Jesse x Budding's BooCoup

GRCH Stones Throw's Reagan
GRCH Crane's Strike Two x Stones Throw's Joy
Grand Dam = Abney's Lady Gray
Grand Dam = Abney's Belle Roux

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