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This page is dedicated to those individuals involved in Catahoula Rescue.

Each day I am asked to identify a dog by its picture as to whether or not it is a Catahoula. There is no definitive way to make this determination, unless the parents of the dog are known. Then a DNA test must be performed on all three dogs to ascertain before a determination can be made as to its breed. Because many people acquire a Catahoula based on its looks, there have been a number of them showing up in shelters.

I receive an equal number of requests from owners looking to place the Catahoula they own. Due to the number of requests being sent to me, I have given this space to the Catahoula Rescue Network to help inform the public of their existence.

The Catahoula Rescue Network is a coalition of independent rescue groups and individuals across the U.S. that work to save homeless Catahoulas. Catahoula Rescue Inc. was incorporated in Feb. of 2003 as a nonprofit, all volunteer organization that works with the Rescue Network. The mission of Catahoula Rescue Inc. is to advocate for homeless Catahoulas and Catahoula mixes, to place these animals in permanent, loving homes, and to promote responsible guardianship through humane education.

Catahoula Rescue saves dogs from death row at animal shelters and pounds, rehabilitates them if necessary, provides medical care, including spaying and neutering, and then fosters these dogs in volunteer's homes until a suitable forever home can be found. We also assist responsible Catahoula owners if they must find a new home for their dog. We can offer advice and options that might make it possible for the dog to stay with his family. If it is still necessary to rehome the dog, we will list him/her on our available pets page as long as they are up to date on their vaccinations and spayed or neutered. Because of the flood of dogs coming from shelters, it is unlikely that we can provide a foster home for an owner surrendered dog.

Since Catahoula Rescue firmly believes that the breeding of Catahoulas should be left to people who are knowledgeable about the breed and dedicated to its continuation and improvement, all dogs placed through rescue must be altered. We try to match dogs with the proper home. Our rescue dogs have been placed in both working and pet homes.

Catahoula Rescue receives no funds from other groups or government sources. Our work is paid for by donations, adoption fees, and the volunteers themselves. For more information, please visit the Catahoula Rescue Network and Catahoula Rescue Inc. web sites.

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